cod: MTMMM0104

MIDI System with incorporated sound module.

The Music Maker system, comprising the famous Q-Select MIDI system combined with a professional Sound Module can be used for any type of music. Solid State contact system.

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Main Features

The Music Maker has 150 different Preset Performances already memorized in the "Flash Memory" all using digitally sampled sounds, unrivalled in their sound quality and reality. All the presets can be re-programmed by the user to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding musician. Incorporates remarkable Dynamic Bellows Expression control, reputed to be the best available, adding that extra touch of class and making the difference between a good performance and an outstanding one. The contact system is the same as in the Q-Select system and uses Solid State devices. Control of external sound modules is made possible by means of the MIDI Out of the system, enabling infinite combinations of sounds and arrangements. The Music Maker can be used both in traditional accordions and new generation reedless types.

- Bellows Dynamic Control for Right Hand and Bass/Chords
- Selection of sound banks by means of the GENERAL MIDI commands
- Can memorize up to 150 Performances, with a DIFFERENT MIDI CHANNEL for each section, 150 Global A, 150 Global B
- Play function with 6 groups of 25 performances each
- Transmits on all 16 MIDI channels
- The MIDI channel of any section can be set to 'OFF'

- CC0 and CC32 control, SUSTAIN, OCTAVE ± 3, POLY/MONO option, MIN. Value Dyn. Expression, Bellows SPEED settings, KEYBOARD SPLIT, VOLUME ±, RIGHT OFF, Note VELOCITY
- Transmission of ARRANGEMENTS VOLUME ±, (System Exclusive Code)
- Right Hand volume control by means of pedal
- Value ± for Program Changes, Performances
- Performances can be saved in an auxiliary memory
- DUMP OUT/DUMP IN functions
- Control keys Block/Unblock functions
- MIDI Out and MIDI In
- TRANSPOSER function
- EXIT function
- PITCH BEND function (optional)