Q-Link interface with Bellows Dynamics. Designed for the accordionist who wants to add MIDI, without getting involved in too much programming.
Transmits on 4 channels and uses the well proven Solid State sensors for the contacts.

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Main Features

- Solid State Contact System. Does not affect the natural sensitivity of the accordion.
- Volume Control +/- for Left Hand
- Dynamic ON/OFF separately for Right Hand, Left Hand and Global
- Up/Down Octave functions (+/- 1 or 2 octaves)
- Up/Down Program functions
- Program Change CH. 1
- Volume Pedal for the volume control of the Right Hand
- Pitch Bend function (optional)

MIDI Transmission channels:
- Right Hand: Channel 1 and 4 (pre-settable)
- Left Hand: Chords - Channel 2, Bass - Channel 3