Q-Select Midi Folk Accordion

cod: MTFMFQS11

The new Accordion with Olive wood venereed body with transparent finish showing the beautiful wood grain. General MIDI System with expressive dynamics and transmits on all 16 MIDI Channels

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Main Features

- Well proven Solid State contact System
- Bellows Dynamics for Right and Left hands
- Selection of sound banks by means of the General MIDI commands
- Memorizes up to 150 Performances, with a different MIDI Channel for each section, 150 Global A, 150 Global B
- Play function with 6 groups of 25 performances each
- Two polyphonic channels for the Right Hand and Chords
- Transmits on all 16 MIDI Channels
- The MIDI channel of any section can be set to OFF
- Program Change and Volume OFF controls

- CC0 and CC32 controls, Sustain control, +/- 3 Octave, Poly/Mono option, Mln. bellows dynamic value, Expression speed settings, Effect controller, Keyboard Split, Volume +/-, Right OFF, After Touch, Note velocity, Rhythm select, Tempo and Start/Stop
- Left Hand Volume Control and System Exclusive Code transmission
- Song Play control
- Right hand volume control my means of pedal
- Value +/- for Program Changes and Performances
- Performances can be saved in an auxiliary memory
- Dump In and Dump Out
- Control Keys lock
- MIDI Out and MIDI In
- Exit functions
- Pitch Bend function (optional)