Music Maker Digital 50 Wireless cromatica francia


Ultra-lightweight standard size Digital Piano Accordion with Wireless Transmitter and Receiver. Bellows Dynamics controlling the Digital Sounds. MIDI Out. Authentic digital instrument sounds. Weighs only 11 lbs (5 Kg.)

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Main Features

• There are 75 different Preset Performances already memorized in the “Flash Memory” all using digitally sampled sounds, unrivalled in their sound quality and reality, of which 25 are exclusively accordions, considered to be the most realistic available; a further 25 Performances comprising Strings, Choirs, Organs, Guitars, Brass, etc. and another 25 with Professional Gig Sounds arranged in groups with right hand and left hand dynamics.
• All the presets can be re-programmed by the user to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding musician.
• Incorporating remarkable Dynamic Bellows Expression control, reputed to be the best available, adding that extra touch of class that makes the difference between a good performance and an outstanding one.
• Transposer function.
• Control of external sound modules is made possible by means of the MIDI Out of the MIDI system, enabling further combinations of sounds and arrangements.
• Headphone socket, extremely useful for playing without causing disturbance to your neighbours.
• Optional pitch bend Function.